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For Help Call Us Or WhatsApp on+256200908018 /0200908022


Ush 7,000
Wearables This is a special category at NASSART that covers all the materials wearable by people including clothing (T-shirts, Shirts, jumpers, sweaters, jackets), watches, caps, shoes and so much more. T-shirt is a commonly branded wearables by organizations or businesses. Branding wearables has become a critical pillar in communicating the visibility of the company as a marketing tool. Branded wearables speak volumes about your business to your partners and customers. Branding wearables involves putting the logo or particulars of the business or special message on the wearable in a creative manner. There are various styles of branding wearables based on the preference of the client. At NASSART we are more than happy to give you branded wearables. Please make your ORDER NOW!!!