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For Help Call Us Or WhatsApp on+256200908018 /0200908022

DESKTOP - Art board

Ush 28,000

Calendars -a calendar is a chart which displays the days, weeks, months and a year with certain sessional information. Calendars have two types, (i.e. a wall calendar and a desktop calendar). These calendars are normally printed in A3, A2, A4, A5 size.   Every new year you go to the shop, and you buy calendars forgetting that even you, you can design your one calendar which has your photos, or your products or anything you feel like putting on your calendar. Imagine, you have a calendar in your house or office with your pictures or family photos, or the products you are selling. Not only photographs but also your story, you can write your story life on the calendars, and you are viewing them every day you read a calendar. Do you have your schedule and you see that the calendar you are having doesn’t have it, this is also possible? Don't be left behind, tell us, we shall design for you, and we print them for you. Please make your ORDER NOW!!!