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For Help Call Us Or WhatsApp on+256200908018 /0200908022

Art Paper A4( 130g)

Ush 500

Posters - a poster is usually a piece of paper which is printed out containing pictures and texts and pinned on walls or trees or cars. They are often printed in various sizes like A4, A3, A2, A0 and other dimensions. one great thing about posters, is that they can be placed anywhere to reach any corner of the country. Are you a movie seller or you are having a concert or you have a new product. Are you still asking yourself what to use to advertise them, a poster is a right choice? I will advise you to use it because it’s cheap and can reach millions of people in the country.  Here at NASSART, we print quality posters only using quality machines, so what you do, order we shall print for you, and we give you quality posters which will catch viewers eyes. Please make your ORDER NOW!!!