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For Help Call Us Or WhatsApp on+256200908018 /0200908022

A4 - Carbonate

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Purchase Orders – Also Commonly known as LPO – Local Purchase Order. It can order for goods or services from a vendor or supplier. LPO serves as a contract or mandate that commits two parties. The purchase orders are commonly used by government entities, large companies and non-governmental organizations as part of their procurement procedures. Purchase Orders are designed to include the logo, address or particulars of the company or organization. There are various styles of LPOs based on the preference of a particular company but usually in A5 or A4 sizes. The LPOs are commonly printed on paper of different colours as self-carbonated or carbonated. The LPOs come as books with several pages (10-100), and usually, each page has a unique reference number at the top. One common feature on almost all styles of quotations is a table (rows/columns) to insert particulars of goods/services. You will need a purchase order for your business today. What are you waiting for?  Please make your ORDER NOW!!!