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For Help Call Us Or WhatsApp on+256200908018 /0200908022
For Help Call Us Or WhatsApp on+256200908018 /0200908022

About Us


 What is NASSART?

In Uganda, practically all designing and printing of all kinds of artwork or graphics for various materials occurs at NASSA-ROAD in Kampala (Uganda’s capital city). That’s where we derive our beautiful name of “NASSART” which resonates with our core business.

NASSART is an online marketplace to find all everything which requires designing or printing or production on every kind of material or media you can think of. Do you want receipt books or business cards, posters or calendars, banners or signposts, logos or branded stationery or T-shirts, personalized birthday cards or wedding cards or just labelling tea-cup or phone with your name (photo)? If your answer is YES, then NASSART has got fully covered for all these services and so much more than you can imagine. NASSART brings NASSER-ROAD into your hands 24/7 at a click of a button you get everything you need from NASSER-ROAD without hustling in Kampala traffic or conmen.

At NASSART, we design and print the fantastic quality of the artworks and deliver at your doorstep. We take pride in offering the highest unmatched quality of products and services to guarantee the ultimate satisfaction of our customers. That’s our greatest joy and reason for existence! Please make your order NOW! 

Our Story! How NASSART Started?

In April 2020, my brother, who works with a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) wanted to design and print some materials (Information, Education and Communication – IEC) to support their COVID-19 awareness campaigns. With all shops closed, including NASSER-ROAD printeries, I watched my brother upset, depressed and puzzled. Day after day, my brother made efforts to secure permission from authorities without any success. I tried searching on the web for platforms that would offer designing and printery in Uganda online, but there was none. That's is how I conceived the idea of developing one –NASSART! Just clicking, a button (phone or laptop), anyone from anywhere can order and receive all prints of any artworks at their doorsteps. Please make your order NOW! 

In as much as the start of NASSART was triggered by the COVID 19 lock downs, our business model is timeless. The world is increasingly becoming digital each day. Africa (Uganda) cannot afford to be left behind. Today billions of people in Africa are working or doing business online. Whereas the concept of e-commerce isn’t uncommon, there are still few e-markets in Africa to meet the growing demand. Until now, there haven't been any e-commerce platforms in Uganda dedicated to providing graphic designing and printing services online. Its well-known fact that online markets are faster, convenient, affordable and accessible on-demand which must be utilized to the fullest.

With NASSART someone in Kisoro (Uganda-Rwanda border) or Nebbi (Uganda-DRC border) or Kaabong(Uganda-South Sudan border) does not need to travel miles of the journey to Kampala (NASSER-ROAD) to design and print artwork. Noo!! Not anymore. They can make an order and receive these materials at the comfort of their homes or offices in Kisoro, Nebbi, Kaabong respectively. Please make your order NOW!